Links 12/7/13

Links for you. Science:

Speaking of Stupid … (interesting take on the creationists and textbooks by someone in the biz)
Chance meeting leads to novel preeclampsia treatment
Are differences in IQ to blame for income inequality? (no, especially when you factor in genotype-environment covariance)
Measles Cases Triple in US, Vaccine Refusal Here and Elsewhere to Blame
The 2014 Shrimp Season In The Gulf Of Maine Has Been Canceled


On Smarm (absolute must-read)
The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media (related to this, there are no more unscrupulous employers than many non-profits, as their leadership believes their cause justifies short-changing their workers)
Figuring out why something makes me cranky.
Some uneasy as military gives Santa a fighter escort: Big jets with your missiles’ might, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight (what is wrong with people?)
Hey, Media: White People Are Poor, Too. Despite routine portrayals of poor people as black and Latino, most poor people in America are actually white.
The health care reality conservatives ignore (while I’m not happy with the ACA or Romneycare, it’s better than what existed previously. Not good though)
A Better Deal
Making Firefox Flash problems go away
Insert Homeless Headline Here
Krugman’s fuddy duddy defense of economic orthodoxy
Google, AT&T, Comcast trade group penned viscerally anti-gay memo

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  1. onkelbob says:

    The Gawker article On Smarm by Tom Scocca was indeed an absolute must read. I do not frequent those web-sites so I want to thank you for pointing it out. It was a long and especially hefty read, something not usually seen in today’s environment.

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