“A Possible Conflict of Interest”

I’ve covered ALEC, the American Legislative Council, a de facto lobbying group that is one of the most odious concerns going. Well, if there’s any doubt that our government has been bought and paid for–and not by you–doubt no longer:

•a draft agreement prepared for the board meeting proposed that Alec’s chairs in each of the 50 states, who are drawn from senior legislators, should be required to put the interests of the organisation first, thus setting up a possible conflict of interest with the voters who elected them;

Obscene, even by ALEC standards. And Pierce is right–ALEC, and their offshoot organizations, should be hounded relentlessly:

That last part — the “draft agreement” by which state legislators agree to be big old ‘ho’s for the people who run ALEC — should be politically suicidal. It’s long past time to ACORN these bastards in the public mind.

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