Links 6/8/23

Links for you. Science:

Neutralising immunity to omicron sublineages BQ.1.1, XBB, and XBB.1.5 in healthy adults is boosted by bivalent BA.1-containing mRNA vaccination and previous Omicron infection
‘Shocking’ levels of pangolin deaths from electric fences
Update on Pediatric Intracranial Infections — 19 States and the District of Columbia, January 2016–March 2023
Academia’s postdoc system is teetering, imperiling efforts to diversify life sciences
Do pathogens always evolve to be less virulent? The virulence–transmission trade-off in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
Are lightning bugs going extinct? A visual guide to why the firefly is fighting off a dimming of its light


The far right wants to protect the Big Lie, not election integrity, not democracy
I Was in the Military. The Marine Who Killed Jordan Neely Sure Ignored His Training.
The East Coast’s Wildfire Smoke Is On Par With the West’s Worst Days
What the debt ceiling debate missed
Oath Keepers Are Going to Prison, But They’re Not Going Away: “Some of these militia groups have gone underground… they’re being a bit more discreet with their organizing and their recruitment.”
New Capital Jewish Museum Features ‘Notorious RBG’ Exhibit — And The City’s Oldest Synagogue
The nationwide attack on Black voters
Trump’s Challengers Are Making the Same Mistakes All Over Again. They only want to talk about policy. That’s a huge error.
The Book I Wish Every Policymaker Would Read. In “Recoding America,” Jennifer Pahlka offers a deeper theory for why the U.S. government struggles to provide services to its people. (1-I agree with Pahlka, though there are underfunding issues, especially with older programs; 2-watching Klein trying to get her to agree with his policy prescriptions, even as she repeatedly rejects them is hilarious–he’s just not that bright a guy)
You’re Going to Be Hearing a Lot More About the Lunatic ‘Independent State Legislature Doctrine’
What if We’re Thinking About Inflation All Wrong?
Team DeSantis Can’t Run to Trump’s Nutball Right and Then Get Mad at Us For Noticing
Reactionary Centrism
The other threat to Democracy. His “war on the woke” is silly but if Ron DeSantis has done nothing else, he’s shown that he is deadly serious
Civil war inside D.C. sports gambling
Binance Looks Like FTX but Worse
These 25 rainbow flag-waiving corporations donated $13.5 million to anti-gay politicians since 2022
An uncomfortable truth about GOP anti-trans bigotry. This is how genocide begins.
DC Punks Are Reuniting for a Festival: The two-day “Reunion Summer” festival and picnic in July will feature both longtime and new bands.
Elon Musk boosts antisemitic ‘blood libel’ tweet
Affordable Housing Preservation In D.C. Hits Road Blocks As Building Costs Rise
The Gas Stove Has Been Fashioned Into Another Icon of Conservative Worship
Judge orders DC man to stop smoking medical weed at home after neighbor sues over smell
‘Inner Ear of Don Zientara’ Book Traces Legacy Of The D.C. Area’s Legendary Punk Music Studio
Tommy Tuberville learns that extremism costs jobs
IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN: Republicans are going to split the vote and hand the primary to Trump. Uh, spoiler.

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