A Problem with Twitter’s Algorithm

I realize this is five or six Internet topics ago, but, if you remember the distant past of last Friday, Twitter released its algorithm (sort of) that promotes or sinks tweets. Why anyone still uses the algorithm feed at all escapes me as I find the “For You” feed incredibly aggravating, but people apparently still use it.

One thing we learned is that it appears that tweets are downrated if they contain links. I understand why: people don’t want spam ads for MIKE’S BIG PENIS MEDICINE. I get that. But what it also does is make it easier to spread misinformation. It encourages people to not use links that support claims–and tanks tweets that do support their claims.

Admittedly, Elongated Muskrat just tweets whatever daffy shit pops into his head, so he’s not big on the whole notion of evidence, but people should be aware that tweets with supporting evidence–and supporting evidence is what links are–get dinged by the algorithm.

Now that I have your attention, would you consider buying MIKE’S BIG PENIS MEDICINE?*

*There is no such thing…

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2 Responses to A Problem with Twitter’s Algorithm

  1. Joseph Shelby says:

    The idea that it is spam control is ridiculous. It is all about lock-in. All about never letting you leave Twitter once doom scrolling. You can bet links from paying advertising is gonna show up. They paid for the privilege to take you away.

  2. krow10 says:

    “*There is no such thing…”

    You’re sitting on a gold mine, Trebek!

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