Links 4/10/23

Links for you. Science:

Differential Patterns by Area-Level Social Determinants of Health in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)–Related Mortality and Non–COVID-19 Mortality: A Population-Based Study of 11.8 Million People in Ontario, Canada
Real-Time Whole Genome Sequencing to Guide Patient-Tailored Therapy of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection
Isolation and quarantine for COVID-19 in the United States, 2020–2022
Perspective on the origin, resistance, and spread of the emerging human fungal pathogen Candida auris
Scientists film deepest ever fish on seabed off Japan
California Salmon Stocks Are Crashing. A Fishing Ban Looks Certain.


How Policymakers Fight a Losing Battle With Models. Reforms are needed to ensure that inaccurate budgetary math doesn’t take precedence over maximizing long-term prosperity.
Is Holocaust Education Making Anti-Semitism Worse? Using dead Jews as symbols isn’t helping living ones.
The Blind Spots in Marty Baron’s Case for Objectivity
Are Ancient Phallic Objects … Exactly What They Look Like?
The opaque $70 million scheme that could make Trump the next president
How Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘pedophile’ slur made it to ‘60 Minutes’
Missouri Republicans Are 1 Step Closer To Defunding Public Libraries
Women started the anti-Trump resistance — and it’s women who are the first to hold him accountable
Seattle may have figured out how to get more poor people into better housing. Yes, assistance programs help. But there’s one unsung factor that moved the needle: better customer service
NC Democrat expected to change parties (she appears to be a mini-Manchin)
Why the Suburbs Are at the Center of New York’s Housing Debate
Understanding the Red State Death Trip
Americans care too much about hard work
A DC Office Building Offers a Lesson in Glass and Sculpture
The taunt that eclipsed the NCAA women’s basketball championship, explained
Metro’s Yellow Line Will FINALLY Reopen on May 7
Kenyan McDuffie’s Baby Bonds Program Gets Bupkis in Bowser’s Budget
I’ve Been Waiting For This For 55 Years
Venice Is Saved! Woe Is Venice.
Donald Trump Deserves to Be Indicted
Starbucks fired the employee responsible for igniting the Starbucks Workers United union campaign
The GOP has decided the path to victory at the ballot box goes through the nation’s school committees. Even in Massachusetts.
‘Parents are terrified the whole family will be labeled as racist.’ Amid rising hate, Mass. group provides lifeline for children on verge of extremism.
A spot check on homelessness in Nebraska’s fastest-growing county left task force astonished
A Mammoth Meatball of Plutocratic Failure. This is how modern life became one big trash pile—and what it will take to extricate ourselves from the rubbish.
The Double Standard for Keeping Capital and Labor Honest

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