Links 4/11/23

Links for you. Science:

Genomic Characterization of Respiratory Syncytial Virus during 2022–23 Outbreak, Washington, USA
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Replacement of Delta as Predominant Variant, Puerto Rico
Outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Nursing Homes during Periods of Delta and Omicron Predominance, United States, July 2021–March 2022
Danish study finds sharp rise in extended sick leave after COVID infection (pre-vaccine time period; manuscript here)
Differences in vertical and horizontal transmission dynamics shape plasmid distribution in clinical enterobacteria
Mpox Evolution: Has the Current Outbreak Revealed a Pox on “U”?


How Biden Can Fight Back Against Lawless Judges. By seeking declaratory judgments on its rules, the administration can preempt right-wing efforts at forum-shopping.
Long COVID Is Making Some People Choose Not to Have Kids
We Finally Know the Case Against Trump, and It Is Strong
Don’t Look for Trump’s Legacy In a Courtroom in Manhattan. A lasting impact of his assault on democracy went down in the Tennessee State Capitol.
Hidden in Plain Sight. The distorting power of macroeconomic policy models
Inside New York City’s Black Market for Temporary License Plates: The Landlords
The SARS-CoV Denial to Child Abuse Pipeline. A New “Bombshell” about Long COVID in Kids is a Dangerous Dud
A huge scandal is brewing with Joe Biden. What we feared two years ago appears to be happening. According to reports, Biden is about to nominate a U.S. Attorney despite overwhelming evidence that she committed federal felony crimes against the most vulnerable people.
The Origin of SARS-CoV-2: Animal Transmission or Lab Leak?
Promising more police: not a solution to Chicago’s problems
War on women: The link between white supremacy, “men’s rights” and anti-abortion politics
Why the Floppy Disk Just Won’t Die
Trans people deserve better journalism. How the anti-trans movement took over legacy media.
As taxpayer service improves, IRS staffers say they’re happier at work
U.S. at risk of mpox surge even worse than last year, CDC modelers warn
The Dangerous Journey of John Eastman
‘It’s not fair’: T riders sound off on service woes
The Social Security Scare Story Industry
Long COVID has reached the ‘Russian Roulette’ stage in the US
Physics Girl & the Devastating Effects of Long COVID
Where are the missing workers?
Younger and Rural Children are More Likely to be Hospitalized for SARS-CoV-2 Infections.
My Marriage Was Never the Same After That: In 2016, I wrote a poem that went viral. My home life got complicated.
Obamaworld’s Problem with the Progressive Left
Noncompete Clauses Get Tighter, and TV Newsrooms Feel the Grip
Woke Is Just Another Word for Liberal

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