Links 6/19/22

Links for you. Science:

Modelling long-term COVID-19 hospital admission dynamics using immune protection waning data
The defence island repertoire of the Escherichia coli pan-genome
Synonymous mutations in representative yeast genes are mostly strongly non-neutral
The largest ever series of phage therapy case studies shows a success rate of more than half (paper here)
Nasal Vaccines Are Commercially High Risk, Perhaps High Reward
When Cats Chew Catnip, It Works as a Bug Spray


The Insurrection they planned for isn’t the insurrection they got (the violence was supposed to happen after Jan. 6)
Democrats Can Break the “Midterm Curse”: Contrary to popular belief, incumbent parties aren’t automatically fated to lose seats. Just look at 1998. (it’s all about the turnout)
The January 6 Hearings Are Mired in an Attempt to Refurbish the GOP Brand. In sorting out good Republicans from bad, the hearings keep getting lost in an insider game.
How To Spin An Election: The New York Times Tells Us A Story
There Are Rules Against a Lawyer Being a Putz During Official Proceedings For a Reason
Trump’s “Big Lie” Was Also a Big Grift. The January 6 committee’s revelations that the Trump campaign raised money for a bogus “Official Election Defense Fund” point to criminal fraud.
Fallout from Coeur d’Alene Patriot Front bust settles on Shea as he throws Busters under bus
Why the Hell Isn’t Mike Pence Testifying at the January 6 Hearing? Thursday’s hearing will dig into Trump’s pressuring Pence to reject electoral votes. So why isn’t the former vice president testifying?
GOP congressional candidate Carl Paladino said Black Americans are ‘held hungry and dumb’ and ‘conditioned’ to vote for Democrats
The least subtle con man in a party led by Donald Trump
MBTA Announces Significant Subway Service Cuts to Address Safety Hazards
Why Canceling Student Debt Should Be a Universal Benefit. The lesson from the Corinthian debt strikers: Should President Biden cancel student loan debt, it should be done without making debtors jump through hoops.
We will train our blue-eyed men
What Makes Bill de Blasio Run… for Congress? He’s the obvious favorite. But in an exclusive interview with The Nation, the former mayor recognizes that his road to political redemption might not be all downhill.
Inside Patriot Front: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree
To Avert January 6, We Needed Whistleblowers—and We Never Got Them. The Trump and Pence staffers testifying now batted down Trump’s election lies—but they never went public with the threat he posed.
Ginni Thomas Has a Lot of Explaining to Do
The Cracked Wisdom of Dril: A chaotic Twitter account has become one of America’s most incisive ongoing works of social criticism.
The Democrats’ New Spokesman in the Culture Wars. The left desperately needs someone to stand up to Republicans’ rights rollback. Is Gavin Newsom up to the task?

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