Links 6/20/22

Links for you. Science:

Curation of the AMRFinderPlus databases: applications, functionality and impact
A Secret Polar Bear Population Has Been Found in an ‘Impossible’ Location
Exercising before or after a flu vaccine may make it work better
Epidemiological characterization of SARS-CoV-2 variants in children over the four COVID-19 waves and correlation with clinical presentation
Americans keep getting reinfected with COVID-19 as new variants emerge, data shows
Omicron infection is a poor booster of COVID-19 immunity (important; paper here)


Why some Americans want to destroy democracy in order to save it
Salah Czapary’s Old Police Academy Instructor Doesn’t Think He’s Ready for the Ward 1 Council Job
America’s Inequality Problem Just Improved for the First Time in a Generation: The collective wealth of the bottom 50% of households has nearly doubled in two years. Can the fragile gains continue?
Why have politicians stopped talking about Covid? The pandemic’s invisible influence over the midterm elections.
The Message of the Republican Party: Don’t Tread on Me. I Tread on You.
Peter Thiel helped build big tech. Now he wants to tear it all down.
The Looming Reversal Of Roe v. Wade Is Another Perilous Sign For American Democracy
Daniel Snyder proves why taxpayers should not help build his stadium
Texas Republican Convention calls Biden win illegitimate and rebukes Cornyn over gun talks
Hundreds of civilians missing, taken or simply gone: The untold toll of the Ukraine war
The January 6 hearings aren’t acknowledging the elephant in the room
Donna Edwards gets help from Pelosi to swat at attack ad tied to AIPAC (Pelosi wants to choose who wins the primary, not cede that to AIPAC)
Mike Pence and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
As The Votes Roll In, It Suddenly Doesn’t Seem Like Californians Rejected Criminal Justice Reformers
Remember When Sarah Sanders Was Politely Asked To Leave A Restaurant
What Happens When American Children Learn About Racism?
Accountability for the Ringleaders of Jan. 6 Must Come from the States

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