Vote Markey

Vote here
(Lobby of the Boston Public Library, Copley Square)

If you’re in Massachusetts, there’s another election today, this one for U.S. Senate. For what it’s worth (probably only my vote), the Mad Biologist endorses Ed Markey, the Democrat, for Senate. Markey has been a stalwart champion of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, from supporting minimum wage increases to fighting for Social Security and Medicare. Markey has also been a strong supporter of NIH and science funding in general, which brings billions of dollars to the state (besides science being awesome and all of that).

He’s also very good on social issues. Unlike Gabriel “Multiple Choice” Gomez, Markey has been excellent on reproductive health issues. Finally, one other thing to consider: a vote for Gomez is a vote for a Republican majority.

‘Nuff said. Vote Markey.

If you’re not sure where to vote, you can check here.

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