Links 7/16/20

Links for you. Science:

Tissue-specific tolerance in fatal Covid-19
Large SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak Caused by Asymptomatic Traveler, China (note that the first transmission involved no direct contact)
First signs of success in bid to reintroduce pine martens to England
Women researchers are publishing less since the pandemic hit. What can their employers do to help?
A Slime Mold Interlude


The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald: He won’t give up on a failing pandemic strategy.
Amid a national reckoning, Black voices challenge a white suburban school district to do better
Reopened schools in Europe and Asia have largely avoided coronavirus outbreaks. They have lessons for the U.S.
Don’t Fall For The ‘Cancel Culture’ Scam
‘Blood on his hands’: In scathing obituary, woman blames governor for her father’s covid-19 death
Worst-case scenarios predicted Mass. hospitals would be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients. Here’s why that didn’t happen
Imagine a more corrupt use of the clemency power than Trump’s Roger Stone commutation
Why a small town in Washington is printing its own currency during the pandemic
In D.C. wards hit hardest by covid-19, sending kids to school is a risk some parents won’t take
Pittsburgh seemed like a COVID-19 success story. Now cases are surging
Goodbye to the Hometown Paper
NYT Acknowledges Need for Economic Change—Without Crediting Those Who Would Bring It
The lives upended around a $20 cheeseburger
As woods give way to solar farms, state to issue controversial rules that could harm solar industry
Fauci is sidelined by the White House as he steps up blunt talk on pandemic
Covid-19 Bankruptcies Bleeding Out Jobs, Economic Capacity
Donnie Crossed The Line This Time
Joe Biden flips the script on Trump
Department of Education-funded report points to safety benefits of partial school reopening, in conflict with Trump, DeVos push
Trump comes face to face with one of his greatest fears
Joe Biden’s surprisingly visionary housing plan, explained

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