Links 12/29/21

Links for you. Science:

Data Shows Little Improvement in Long COVID Patients After One Year
Do you take your coffee black? Your DNA may be the reason.
E.O. Wilson, a Pioneer of Evolutionary Biology, Dies at 92
Forecasting the Omicron winter: Experts envision various scenarios, from bad to worse (too much attention paid to IHME though)
A subset of Memory B-derived antibody repertoire from 3-dose vaccinees is ultrapotent against diverse and highly transmissible SARS-CoV-2 variants, including Omicron
COVID-19 Scenario Projections: The Emergence of Omicron in the US


The C.D.C. Has New Covid Guidelines. This Is What It Got Wrong. (very good; some of my thoughts here)
10 lessons I’ve learned from the Covid–19 pandemic
Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Lays Out How He and Bannon Planned to Overturn Biden’s Electoral Win
Democrats Are Doing Weirdly Well in Redistricting
5 Things to Know About COVID Booster Shots, According to an Infectious Disease Doctor
As Omicron Surges, Sanders Says Congress Must Ensure Mass Distribution of N95 Masks
How Workers Can Win in 2022
Right-wing radio clown who promised to quit over employer’s vax mandate is still on the job
Whither Brandonism? A Reporter’s Notebook. The Times safari is on it!
For Christmas, We Received a Hopeful Week. Science has done all it can. Now it’s up to us to rediscover our common humanity. (“The rest of the fight against the pandemic depends on how much every one of us cares about our fellow human beings. This has been the obvious answer from the start, but it’s also been something at which the country has bridled over the past two years, a reaction that, as nearly as I can tell, is unprecedented in American history.”)
Abolish the Department of Agriculture
Suit: Fairfax police officers protected sex trafficking ring
COVID stole the heart of my family. It also divided it
DCPS teachers launch petition to demand safe return following holiday break (it’s a very good petition except for “Asynchronous day built into the schedule for deep cleaning at schools.” That’s a waste of time and resources, but still worth signing for the other requests)
The pandemic delivered a surprise to Nordic countries: a baby boom
Declaring Victory
Cawthorn, St. Petersburg, and “Captain Todd”
‘Reckless and Dangerous’: CDC’s New, Shorter Covid-19 Isolation Guidelines Disturb Some Health Experts
Anti-vaccine posters take clear antisemitic turn in Los Angeles
Cancelling John Marshall
Imagine That, Huh, Me Working For You

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