Links 1/15/12

Links for you. Science:

Scientists, Share Secrets or Lose Funding: Stodden and Arbesman
The long, slow sexual revolution (part 1) with nsfw video
Could an iTunes-like model work with scientific publishing?
Mate magnet madness: when the range of possible explanations exceeds your own hypothesis
Access to the literature: does interlibrary loan solve our problems?


The economic idiocy of economists: The American Economic Association’s annual meeting is red-letter day for ‘the dismal science’. And dismal it proved
Granting rights to a fetus at the cost of the mother (actually discusses reproductive biology)
Welcome, economist, to the desert of the real
Can an MIT professor save the USPS?
AEI’s Kenneth Green Tries to Show that Democrats Are Anti-Evolution Too!
Why Is Inequality Higher in America?
MBTA riders get rowdy on Reddit
Why Not Use What We Already Have (instead of a JG?)
Revolving Door: From Top Futures Regulator to Top Futures Lobbyist
Healthcare Really is Better Today Than it Used to Be
I Knew Something
Climate as Proxy for Capital within the Minneapolis Skyway System
MIT Climate Scientist’s Wife Threatened In A “Frenzy of Hate”
America’s dangerously removed elite: It’s easy to cut public education funding when your kids go to private school. Just ask Christie and Emanuel

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