Fear of Mass Transit As a Mass Communicable Psychotic Break

I’ll have more to say about this as a mass transit issue, but this, from an article about D.C.’s Metro, is bonkers (boldface mine):

Johnny DiPasquale, a retired law enforcement officer who lives in Leesburg in Loudoun County, Va., said he has ridden Metro only once since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — mainly because of concern over safety.

In case of an emergency, he said, “I don’t want to be on the tube in darkness in D.C. and I can’t get out.” He also isn’t happy that the Metro system will soon be extended to his county.

Phase 2 of the Silver Line will extend Metro to Dulles International Airport and into eastern Loudoun.

When I heard trains are coming to Loudoun, I said, ‘Oh boy, the crime rate is going to go through the roof,’ ” DiPasquale said, anticipating that criminals would use the subway to travel to the suburb.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess he watches a lot of Fox News.

Of course, we have the standard trope of ‘criminals are going to use the Metro to steal all of your precious bodily fluids.’

This is not sane. There’s no evidence criminals use mass transit (they’re going to boost all your stuff and… carry it back on the Metro?). Unless, by criminals, one means certain kinds of people.

As to the terrorist incidents, that’s just ninniness. I’m far more worried about getting hit by a car in D.C. than I am getting blown up and BURIED ALIVE! by terrorists.

Imagine if someone who looked disheveled said this: one might assume they require medical attention. These are not remotely rational fears, but inchoate ones, stoked by right wing propaganda.

And the congregation responds: this is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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2 Responses to Fear of Mass Transit As a Mass Communicable Psychotic Break

  1. John Magoun says:

    The flip side of this is the belief among a subset of liberals that we can save energy, reduce global warming, and generally fix society by building “more mass transit”. Just like we need to “spend more on better schools” to solve problems of inequality, racial discrimination, and slums (as they used to be called). In both cases, the imagined solutions assume or promise that people can benefit from these improvements while continuing to live in spread-out, single-family suburban style neighborhoods surrounded by neighbors of the same race, ethnicity, and/or economic and social class. This liberal ‘big lie’ about how American society works is a reason we can’t have nice things, too.

  2. Bern says:

    I’d be happy if, just once, I could ride my bike across town without some fool in a 2500lb metal box on wheels pulling a ‘DC ewey’* in a lame attempt to kill me…

    *Seriously. The sudden, high speed, mid-block U turn is DC’s worst local habit. I know, people are slaughtered by cars in every city, but mostly in intersections. The mid-block U is a DC thing.

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