Putting the Bundy Ranch Dispute in Context

A slightly different perspective on whose rights are being violated during the whole Bundy Ranch dispute:

Cliven Bundy’s family worked their ranch land since 1877. The family claims ancestral and sovereign rights.

On Monday, the I-Team received a map from the Moapa band of Paiute Indians showing how the land the Bundy ranch is [on] was promised to them by federal treaty.

That is until federal troops forced the tribe out and families, including the Bundy family settled in.

I hope the Paiute take Bundy to court.

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4 Responses to Putting the Bundy Ranch Dispute in Context

  1. Comm Enter says:

    It won’t do them any good, since Bundy doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of the US government….

  2. anthrosciguy says:

    I think the Paiute claim slightly predates Deadbeat Bundy’s. And since Bundy’s claim is based on having been there (that’s why he says he won’t pay us the money he owes us) for years, he must be ready to step aside and leave it to the Paiute. Unless he’s not being honest or consistent, and that just couldn’t be.

    I’m sure Fox News is going to be backing the Paiute now too. They are fair and balanced, right?

  3. Dbp says:

    If he doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of the US government, then he won’t at all come to them for help if the Paiute tried to take it back.

    I sincerely hope the government confiscates everything on his person every times he steps off his land.

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