Links 5/11/19

Links for you. Science:

Chesapeake Bay blue crab rebounding in 2019, led by near-doubling of juvenile crab population
How Carbon Farming Can Help Stop Climate Change in Its Tracks
After outcry, USDA will no longer require scientists to label research ‘preliminary’
More tigers now live in cages than in the wild.
Start-Ups Hoping to Fight Climate Change Struggle as Other Tech Firms Cash In


Remember, Trump beat Hillary from the working class left (I think this is mostly correct, but ignores low turnout; Trump didn’t ‘win’ these voters, he–and Clinton–convinced them to stay home)
‘Rural’ Is Not a Synonym for ‘White,’ and ‘Rural Issues’ Include Alleged Corporate Malfeasance and Fraud
Trump’s Suggestion His Term Should Be Extended Is Another Trial Balloon for His Authoritarianism
Democrats Must Make an Example of Bill Barr
Trump is probably being blackmailed, per Mueller report. Why not talk about it?
All of the Impeachable Offenses
The Sabotage Years
It’s Not Just A Homelessness Crisis. It’s An Eviction Crisis, Too.
Let’s Not Rewrite History To Defend Joe Biden’s Record Of Cynical Dog-Whistle Politics
We can stop predicting arrival of a constitutional crisis
Metro due to get hundreds of millions more in federal funding
Making Peak Travel Time Worse
Obama’s Agriculture Secretary, Now Working for the Dairy Industry, Urges 2020 Democrats to Be Nice to the Dairy Industry
Sandra Bland recorded a video on her phone, prosecutors kept it secret till today. You’ll see why.
Bernie Sanders Decides to Play Rough This Time
Five years after Sepulveda Pass widening, travel times on the 405 keep getting worse
Meghan Markle Is the Duchess the Royal Family Needs
Washington Post Gets Study Wrong, Uber Drivers Do Not Get $21 an Hour

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