Links 5/12/19

Links for you. Science:

Demand for jury trial of personnel from Mount Sinai Global Health (just read pp. 3-5)
Pregnancy-Related Deaths, United States, 2011–2015, and Strategies for Prevention, 13 States, 2013–2017
RFK Jr. Is Our Brother and Uncle. He’s Tragically Wrong About Vaccines.
Why Do So Many People Develop Allergies After Moving To D.C.? Is This Town Especially Plagued?
Why do cats—and so many other animals—look like they’re wearing socks?


Why Is Trump Hiding His Tax Returns?
The Coming Generation War
New York Machine Trying to Toss Kat Brezler, Organizer for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Off Local Ballot
Teenage Pricks
State Department Continues Fight to Strip Gay Couple’s Two-Year-Old Son of Birthright Citizenship
Pelosi must set aside the politics of impeachment and focus on the constitutional imperative of it
With Some Power Comes Some Responsibility
‘They Underestimate Me at Their Own Peril’: Sanders Says GOP Will Regret Hoping for His Nomination in 2020
Dems threaten to withhold salaries of Trump staffers who block probes (block all Secret Service spending in the state of Florida. Think about it…)
As the republic teeters, will the news media get serious?
2020 Democrats should embrace populism, run on how Trump made ‘rigged’ system worse (this is why Biden is electable…as he kicked of his campaign with the CEO of Comcast, the most detested company in the U.S.)
Video game ‘loot boxes’ would be outlawed in many games under forthcoming federal bill
Beto + Sasha: The bizarre experience of watching my college boyfriend run for president
Sam Harris: White supremacy is a fringe belief that we don’t have to worry about too much right now
Tom Friedman Talking Some Shit About Spoons–If You Can Follow This, You’re Smarter Than Me–No Damn Idea What He Means Here
Only one 2020 Democrat fully grasps the threat Trump poses
Student Loan Forgiveness Program Offers False Hope, Rejects 99% of Applications
Elizabeth Warren’s $100 billion plan to fight the opioid epidemic
Under Water: Why Jack Evans was desperate for work (explains a lot…)

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