My Electoral College Predictions

Inspired by this post, I hereby offer my electoral college predictions:


I could have just as easily flipped Ohio and Virgina, but I think Obama will win one of them. Feel free to offer yours in comments.

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7 Responses to My Electoral College Predictions

  1. Markk says:

    Based on Scott Walker’s re-election, the fact that everything is even more Republican money focused, the seeming discouragement of City voters I talk to, and absolute frenzy of suburban voters (I predict over 95% voter turnout in every republican area in Wisconsin) I don’t see Obama winning Wisconsin.

  2. physicalist says:

    I go with Nate’s map at 538, since he knows better than I.

    Your map looks a bit pessimistic.

  3. Zachary Smith says:

    I’ve no good feel for the individual states, but I like your prediction of “close election”. I’ve got a silly visceral feeling that’s what’s scheduled this time.

    On a side note, the differences from 2008 are striking in my part of Indiana. Last time while driving down a road or street anywhere around here a person would see swarms of signs for Obama or McCain. This time I can’t recall seeing a single major-party lawn sign, which makes the handful for the Libertarians really stand out.

  4. Pro-Obama turnout in my region of Florida seems pretty damned high. Romney could still win, though, depending on how many more votes Rick Scott’s cronies manage to “lose”.

  5. Obama will take Iowa, possibly Florida. Early voting in Florida was heavy and overwhelming for Obama.

  6. albanaeon says:

    I’m a little more hopeful for Colorado going to Obama, just the attitude I’ve been finding here in Colorado Springs. There are so few “Romney” signs it’s actually rather surprising. Even McCain when it was perfectly obvious he was done, had signs littering the town. Now, it’s almost desultory to have a single sign for Romney amid a lot of other elections, most of which are pretty much decided anyway. This area with certainly go for Romney but not in percentages that will change the Denver/Boulder area’s influence.

    Still we’ll be far closer than four years ago, that’s for sure. I really hope we aren’t the deciding place…

  7. Corrie Detweiler, steady fan of MMB says:

    Well, I voted for Obama in Colorado and really hope we, both the state and the nation, go blue. Early voting lines have been long here. But this is in Boulder – hardly representative of the state as a whole.

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