The fountain surrounding the Good Samaritan statue in Boston’s Public Garden the day after Hurricane Sandy:


It’s actually the oldest statue and commemorates the invention of ether for anesthesia. Here’s the plaque:


And to give you some idea of scale:


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3 Responses to Drained

  1. george.w says:

    I had no idea there was a monument. Having had multiple, non-elective surgeries, I can safely say anesthesia has saved my life many times. Never ether, but still.

    How did a hurricane drain it? I would have thought, filled it.

  2. Presumably, the fountain had a pump which was was shut off (to avoid depleting supplies of potable water or to lighten load on the electrical grid however slightly?), and the water within drained away without being replenished.

  3. eNeMeE says:

    Don’t all fountains get drained around this time? Otherwise you get freezing in the pipes.

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