Links 3/5/17

Links for you. Science:

Despite fears of technology eating into our nap, we may be slumbering for longer than ever before and we may have misunderstood what sleep is for.
Earth BioGenome Project: Ill-Conceived Megaproject Du Jour
Conflicting selection alters the trajectory of molecular evolution in a tripartite bacteria-plasmid-phage interaction
Wild elephants clock shortest shut-eye recorded for mammals
Ancient peoples shaped the Amazon rainforest


Trump calls the FDA ‘slow and burdensome,’ but it’s faster than ever (bullshit, the problem is science is hard)
Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer loses millions in bonuses over security lapses (good, she has been an awful CEO)
Trump faces a huge problem, and Bannon’s con-artistry cannot make it disappear
Chinese business consultant buys $16 million Trump penthouse
The college debate is as incoherent as ever
Happy Texas Treason Day!
Carter Page, at Center of Trump Russian Investigation, Writes Bizarre Letter to DOJ Blaming Hillary Clinton
Sir Patrick Stewart: I’m applying for US citizenship to ‘fight and oppose’ the Trump administration
“The Office of Immigrant Crime” is right out of you know where
D.C.’s Chronically Homeless May Get Record-Setting Funding This Year
Donald Trump Jr. was paid $50,000 for meeting to discuss U.S.-Russia cooperation in Syria
Not Everyone is Excited about the Selection of Peter Newsham as Permanent Chief of MPD
D.C. Statehood Bill Introduced On Capitol Hill Despite Long Odds
Schools Advised to Install “Man Traps”
Houses of Worship Are Re-Creating a Decades-Old Support System to Protect Immigrants
Do vigilantes see Trump giving them a wink and a nod?
Arlington community remembers segregation wall
Millionaires will simply adore the ObamaCare repeal
Bet you can’t name all these DC neighborhoods
Leaked Emails: Dem State Leaders Think Obama’s New Organizing Army is ‘Grade A Bullshit’

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