There Is No Neutral Position for the Department of Justice

Sunday, the NY Times reported that the Department of Justice is debating whether or not to delay investigating Trump due to unwritten, informal policies (the norms!) about charging officials close to an election. This ignores the obvious reality that the twice-impeached Trump is not a current office holder. If we’re willing to put that issue to the side, there’s another problem with this whole question.

If the Department of Justice has compelling reason to believe that the former office holder that most of the GOP abases themselves before has committed criminal acts, then delaying investigations is also influencing the election. There can be no neutral outcome here. Either Democrats will benefit or Republicans will (it’s noteworthy that almost no one at this point thinks the investigation will end up being a nothingburger).

It’s the same problem we see with debates over whether Trump even should be charged at all: everyone asks what bad things will happen if Trump is charged, but no one considers the harm, including civil unrest, if Trump isn’t charged.

Pursue justice, DOJ. It’s that simple.

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