Why I Think Yahoo’s Mayer Is a Bad CEO: The Flickr Edition

It has nothing to with issues of work-life balance or the whole work-from-home controversy. Nope.

In a word, Flickr. Flickr, a picture storage and web display site, now owned by Yahoo, used to be a very good product (note: this blog uses Flickr though perhaps for not much longer…). Yes, there were some problems–mass downloads were a pain and required a third-party vendor. But while the current ‘flat pane’ layout might look cool on a cell phone:


it’s impossible to rapidly scan through pictures. On top of that, the new version is a memory and bandwidth hog. If you’re on anything but a really high-speed cable connection, scrolling to the bottom of a display page takes a while–and that’s the only way to get to the next display page.

Critics, including the NY TimesDavid Pogue, think it’s wonderful that Flickr is offering one terabyte of free pictures, though, under the old Flickr, that cost the humongous annual sum of $25. Besides, what’s the point of having one 1Tb of pictures if you can’t find the one you want?

This represents yet another instance of an arrogant tech company that magically ‘knows what customers want’ without actually asking the damn customers.

And the end result, unsurprisingly, is botched.

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