Links 6/20/13

Links for you. Science:

A New Way to Do Nuclear (this sounds a lot like thoriumbased reactors, which aren’t new at all. Still promising though)
Experts propose restoring invisible and abandoned trials ‘to correct the scientific record’
Debunking The Narrative Of Silicon Valley’s Innovation Might
Beautifully Exotic Looking Species of Moths from Ottawa
Pollan and Bittman, the Morano and Milloy of GMO anti-science


How Spy Agency Contractors Have Already Abused Their Power
Newark’s Lautenberg Post Office may be sold: Is the Senator rolling over in his grave?
How do you describe bad economics reporting?
The Other Side of the Story
Kraft: Putin stole Bowl ring (bizarre)
Universal Paid Sick Leave Reduces Spread of Flu
What Sweden Can Tell Us About Obamacare
What’s more important: a college degree or being born rich?
How To Write About NSA Spying – A Style Guide For Authoritarians
Obama Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels Has Nothing to Do With Alleged Chemical Weapons Use (I don’t think the tail wagging the dog is operative here; the brutal realpolitik is to let the Syrians tie down Hezbollah fighters and Iranian agents)
Why Are Massive National Security Breaches So Ridiculously Easy?
Remember When NSA Surveillance Was Used to Help Launch the Iraq War?
TWO KINDS OF FACTS: Hacker and Dreifus make a very key point!
Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters look contemporary and totally badass
Hugh Bailey: Seeking accountability for the connected (charter schools cheat on the statistics)
Chaitus Interruptus
TWO KINDS OF FACTS: Some basic facts which are always withheld!

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Three years later, Dewan and Massie have a company, called Transatomic, with a million dollars in funding,…

    A MILLION dollars! Cue up the Dr. Evil clip.

  2. Ailin Jasel says:

    G’Day! Mikethemadbiologist,
    Cool Post, So what is cognitive anger and what is it defined as. Could you give links and evidence and also what are the symptoms and everything else?!?!
    I look forward to your next post

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