Links 9/30/13

Links for you. Science:

Most C. diff infections are ‘not hospital spread’
Quit smoking, more bacteria will like you
How could code review discourage code disclosure? Reviewers with motivation.
Jackwads who just Don’t Get It
NASA paywalls first papers arising from Curiosity rover, I am setting them free


Why Understanding Fiat Currency Matters For Scientists: We Are Being Pitted Against Public Health
Why The Debt Ceiling Is A Dinosaur (must-read)
Equivalency Formula Works Wonders
State approves $393m for three new stations on Green Line
Will brains be downloaded? Of course not!
From Art to T. Rex, Shutdown Stirs Worry
The Bateman/Pierce 2016 Campaign Kicks Off
Republicans Are Blowing Up Yet Another Governing Norm
What Actually Causes Inflation (and who gains from it)
Can We Finally Have a Serious Talk About Population?
A Quick One-Sentence Reminder of What This Is All About
Short-run unemployment is below where it was in 2007. Long-term unemployment is a catastrophe.
Cruz Control

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