Our Border Forces Are Out Of Control

This makes no sense whatsoever to any decent person (boldface mine):

Juan Garcia Mosqueda, an Argentinian curator who has been a legal US resident for the past decade and who runs Chamber NYC, an architecture and design studio on West Twenty-Third Street in Manhattan, was denied entry into the United States last Friday after a trip to Buenos Aires. In a public letter, Mosqueda called the experience “dehumanizing and degrading.” A border patrol officer denied him legal counsel, claiming that “lawyers had no jurisdiction at the borders.” Mosqueda was interrogated under oath and threatened with a five-year expulsion from the US if he did not answer his questions honestly. After his statement was given to the officer in charge, Mosqueda was told that he could not enter the US and would be sent back to Buenos Aires. He was detained for fourteen hours before his trip back. During this time he was not permitted to contact anyone or access any of his belongings. He was eventually escorted to a plane by two armed officers and was told he would not receive any of his documents until he got back to Buenos Aires.

This is what petty tyrants do. I’m guessing–it’s not clear at all–that some asshole agent either thought he was a drug smuggler (well-spoken Latino, probably a cartel boss, amirite?), or he just didn’t like the guy. But that’s the problem with petty tyrants–they can do whatever they want and they can’t be held accountable. At the same time, this individual agent is making policy–he’s telling the arts world to be somewhere else other than New York.

How this creates jobs in coal-mining country or degrades ‘the American way of life’ escapes me.

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  1. Gemma says:

    I’ll tell you what shocks most Brits in Germany…

    … it’s being treated fairly by the authorities.

    They’re just not used to the idea that people have rights in a land they weren’t born in.

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