Links 3/4/17

Links for you. Science:

Remembering a City Where the Smog Could Kill
Map of the Day: What do San Francisco and Oklahoma City Have in Common?
Old mold from penicillin discoverer auctioned for $14,617
Flock of turkeys circling dead cat in video is both ‘creepy’ and ‘rare’
The evidence that shows dinosaurs were in decline for 40 million years before the asteroid hit


How Citizens United gave Republicans a bonanza of seats in U.S. state legislatures
Let’s stop paying people to drive to work
Homeless Worry About The Loss Of A Gathering Space As MLK Library Closes
Those Bedfellow Aren’t Just Strange
Ed Koch’s Epic Feud With Trump Survives the Mayor’s Death
Obama and the Perez Election — Are the Democrats Trying to Fail?
Donald Trump and his Fox friends believe they know who is secretly coordinating all the protests
New York Expects Fewer Foreign Tourists, Saying Trump Is to Blame
This map shows that in DC, family-sized rental homes are very scarce
I don’t think Metro has to cut this much service
Meet The New D.C. PAC Trying To Take Down Jason Chaffetz
The Bubble
Decision Makers (old, but worth reading)
Chaffetz faces new opponent: a DC PAC created to oust him
One Year Later, How Has The Streetcar Changed The H Street Corridor?
Do Democratic Operatives Dream of Big Data Death Stars? 
The Case Against Cambridge Analytica As a Propaganda Tool (underplays Russia, but still good)
The Socialist Takeover of the Democratic Party Is Proceeding Nicely (misuses the word socialism, but overall point is valid)
New York Times Gets Budget Story About Looming Trump-Ryan Clash Almost Completely Wrong

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