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Boston Dodges the Olympics

It appears, given Mayor Walsh’s refusal to guarantee cost overruns with tax dollars, that Boston has managed to dodge hosting the Olympics. Not only didn’t Boston ‘need’ the Olympics, but hosting the Olympics for a city like Boston would have … Continue reading

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How to Make a Bad Idea Worse: Privatize It!

The science bloggysphere is all atwitter–in a bad way–about the proposal by two House Republicans to give out prizes instead of grants for research to the tune of $80 million per year. Steven Salzberg lays out all of the reasons … Continue reading

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Links 7/27/15

Links for you. Science: Torturing rats in the name of acupuncture pseudoscience A Common Hospital Infection May be Coming To Us From Food (open access paper here) Is the Amazon rainforest MAN-MADE? At least 8 MILLION humans may have lived … Continue reading

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A Clear And Present Danger…D.C.’s Funk Parade?

File under security state run amok (boldface mine): The documents, released by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Operations Coordination, indicate that the department frequently collects information, including location data, on Black Lives Matter activities from public social media … Continue reading

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The Death of Links

This, by Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan who was jailed for six years and as a result had extremely limited contact with the internet, is excellent (boldface mine): Blogs were gold and bloggers were rock stars back in 2008 when I … Continue reading

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Links 7/26/15

Links for you. Science: The (Potentially Illegal) Fantastic Four-Legged Snake And Ethics Of Fossil Collection After the crash, can biologists fix economics? (I don’t buy this; I think it’s far more important to get people who are trained as to … Continue reading

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Florida and Massachusetts

Observed at the corner of Florida and Massachusetts Avenues, Sheridan-Kalorama, D.C.:

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More Conservative Ersatz Poverty Wars

One of the things conservatives are never called on is their predilection for creating large, inefficient bureaucracies. This stems from their unwillingness or inability to directly cut the social safety net, so what they do instead is create ‘morals-based’ testing … Continue reading

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Links 7/25/15

Links for you. Science: That viral shark attack video is everything we get wrong about sharks Statistician Neal Beck just justified my longstanding hatred and loathing of logit Group Petitions to Save a Prehistoric Fish From Modern Construction Utah’s ‘Grand … Continue reading

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16th Street NOMS

Observed on 8th Street, between S and T, Shaw, D.C.:

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