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Saturday Sermon: On Punditry and Repentance

Peter Beinart, who was a prominent Iraq War supporter, and who now realizes the errors of his ways, writes (boldface mine): I have a fantasy. It’s that every politician and pundit who goes on TV to discuss the Iran deal … Continue reading

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Links 7/24/15

Links for you. Science: We discovered one of social science’s biggest frauds. Here’s what we learned. Single Figure Publications: Towards a novel alternative format for scholarly communication Chemists Start Web Site Fingering Substances That Ruin Experiments Scientists Are Hoarding Data … Continue reading

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Humming Bird

Observed on S Street, between 8th and Georgia, Shaw, D.C.:

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The Accidental Genius of School Lotteries: The D.C. Edition

By way of Greater Greater Washington, we come across this figure, showing a very tight relationship between housing values and reading proficiency: The one real outlier, Garrison Elementary is in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood (in real dollar values, housing prices … Continue reading

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Links 7/23/15

Links for you. Science: No good deed goes unpunished The weekly grind of social jetlag could be a weighty issue BEACON Researchers at Work: Tools for mapping rare mutations Psychiatry’s Identity Crisis Other: How Ayn Rand Became Libertarians’ Sociopathic Pixie … Continue reading

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Social Justice Tuba

If nothing else, this superb trolling of a Klan rally makes me want to learn how to play the tuba (watch at least the first 0:45):

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Trump and the Palinist Impulse

For those just joining us, here’s what we mean by Palinism (boldface mine): While people have described Palin as engaging in identity politics, that sells identity politics short. Palin along with the proto-movement surrounding her–Palinism–practices what could be call ‘politics … Continue reading

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Links 7/22/15

Links for you. Science: Why the diseases that cause the most harm don’t always get the most research money Publishing paper without releasing data not really science Beware the pseudo gene genies: After ‘nano’ and ‘quantum’, epigenetics, an important branch … Continue reading

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Gawker Inadvertently Reveals the Real Shocker

Like many, I’m disgusted by Gawker’s outing a married mid-level executive who attempted to hire a gay escort (and who is a relative of a very prominent former official), when there is no reason to do so. The argument Gawker … Continue reading

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They’re Models, Not Mimics: NY Times Calls For An Unfunded Research Mandate

Have to disagree with the Grey Lady about this (boldface mine): Scientific research has a gender gap, and not just among humans. In many disciplines, the animals used to study diseases and drugs are overwhelmingly male, which may significantly reduce … Continue reading

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