Social Justice Tuba

If nothing else, this superb trolling of a Klan rally makes me want to learn how to play the tuba (watch at least the first 0:45):

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3 Responses to Social Justice Tuba

  1. jrkrideau says:

    Kudos to the tuba player.

    Those were KKK? Have they no sense of history, have they no respect for their revered elders?

    Where are the white sheets and the white pillow cases with the eyeholes cut out?

    More seriously, my mother had a snap shot of a Klan parade from Detroit in the 1930s where she was teaching. It was weird when I was a child and scary now that I know what they were.

  2. Crprod says:

    Low brass rules!

  3. Dbp says:

    The book Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horwitz may shine some light on the lack of sheets. He interviewed a Klanswoman who complained about the oppressive cost of laundering all those big flowing robes.
    But my guess is that they dressed as they did to look like they’re tough. The whole “Molon Labe” “Don’t Tread on Me” thing is a lame bid to appear like some tough guy. Those types have more or less tricked themselves into thinking they purchased manliness when they bought “tactical” pants and shirts.

    But the tuba was hilarious. I was expecting a clumsy version of the Imperial March though.

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