Links 8/15/12

Links for you. Science:

The Postdoc Challenge (the solution is to realize that scientific research does not have to occur within university departments)
Populations survive despite many deleterious mutations: Scientists investigate evolutionary model of Muller’s ratchet
Teach Your Children (Probability Theory) Well
In Massachusetts, nine NIH-funded research projects in this year’s $10 million club
A smear campaign against Impact Factors…and the Sheep of Science
The psychology of doping accusations: Which athletes raise the most suspicion?


Get Ready for a Catastrophic War: Israel Likely to Strike Iran Before November Elections (note: the whole ‘Guns of August’ thing was bad)
How The American University was Killed, in Five Easy Steps
Unz on Race/IQ – Rejecting the Ostrich Response
Look Mom I’m in The American Conservative (on Race/IQ)
Romney/Ryan 2012 Means We’ll Ignore the Biggest Issue of Our Time
Robert Samuelson Goes to Bat for Paul Ryan: Strikes Out
Brockton Saves $ and Protests Foreclosure Misdeeds by Moving $170 Million Account from Bank of America
Judge: 90% of Credit Card Lawsuits Can’t Prove Borrower Owes Money
The Right’s brittle heroes
Paul Ryan’s Family Is Rich Because of the Federal Government
Did Monica Lewinsky Really Save Social Security?
While I don’t like the finding, I feel compelled to report that Matt Kahn finds liberals are more likely to be housing NIMBYs
The Ryan Family’s History of Fakery
Used needles on the sidewalks: Why we need needle exchange programs
Social Security Does More Than Just Protect the Elderly

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  1. Mike Steinberg says:

    Ron Unz has been commenting on this blog “Occidentalist” in respect of 3rd and 2nd generation outcomes for PISA, TIMMS, SAT etc. The author of the blog has a recent post up looking at Ron’s claim concerning SAT results.

    “It can be seen that there was a secular narrowing in the overall White-Hispanics NAEP math and reading gaps. If one compares the earliest points to the latest this represents a 30-40% narrowing. But this large decrease is partially illusionary. A portion of it is attributable to the 2004 NAEP format change. In 2004, a linking study was conducted in which both formats were presented to random samples. It can be seen that relative to Whites, Hispanics perform 0.2 SD better on the newer format. Taking the effect of the format change into account, the White-overall Hispanics gap narrowed only 15-30%. Similar results can be seen in the case of the White-English only Hispanic gaps, which, we said above, approximates the White-Hispanic 2nd + gen ones.”

    Also, the author notes that contrary to Ron’s claim that “the 3rd+ Hispanic generation is very small”, in fact over 1/3rd of H adolescent students are 3rd generation. And English only Hispanic speakers are not concentrated in rural areas. So the rural/urban divide cannot explain the White-Hispanic gap. Third gen Hispanics have much higher SES but littler higher SAT/ACT/PSAT scores relative to their first and second generation peers.

    I would be interested in Ron’s response.

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