Links 7/25/15

Links for you. Science:

That viral shark attack video is everything we get wrong about sharks
Statistician Neal Beck just justified my longstanding hatred and loathing of logit
Group Petitions to Save a Prehistoric Fish From Modern Construction
Utah’s ‘Grand Staircase’ Leads Back in Time to Dinosaur Shangri-La


The attack on Planned Parenthood is more about contraception than abortion
Dogs Will Get to Swim in a Fancy Bone-Shaped Pool While Waiting for Flights at JFK Next Year (wouldn’t putting a wet dog in an airplane hold be a really bad idea?)
Pumped dry: How our roads came to depend on a broken tax scheme Washington can’t fix
Senate bill could kick 200,000 seniors off Social Security if they have an arrest warrant
No, Smartphones Aren’t Responsible for the Drop in Teen Sex
Empty and all but unknown, ghost trains are one of British transport’s strangest quirks. Why do they exist?
A homeless woman picked up an LAPD nightstick during the skid row shooting — and could get life in prison
What about the South?
The Campaign of Deception Against Planned Parenthood
In nation’s capital, $15-hour minimum wage is headed toward 2016 ballot
Hillary Clinton’s plan for the minimum wage: low on details, big on going local
Giving Doctors Grades (wrote about this here last year)
Sprawl repair is essential, unavoidable
No, It’s Not Your Opinion. You’re Just Wrong
What’s the Matter With San Francisco?

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  1. Kengi says:

    “…wouldn’t putting a wet dog in an airplane hold be a really bad idea?”

    Putting a dry dog in an un-pressurized, un-heated cargo hold would be a really bad idea. That’s why airlines put them in pressurized, climate-controlled areas of the hold. Stress is the most common problem, which the pool may help alleviate. Owners who sedate their pets hoping to solve the stress issues are also a problem.

    Another issue is high or low temperatures on the tarmac during loading and unloading. Most airlines restrict such travel during outside temperature extremes for this reason.

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