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Forgetting Our History

Paul Krugman made a very good point last week (boldface mine): It’s true that Trump (breaking all his campaign promises) has indeed cut taxes on the wealthy, and will surely cut them further if re-elected. By contrast, whoever the Democrats … Continue reading

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Inslee Is Doing Very Well in the Power Primary

A while ago, I discussed what I called the ‘power primary‘: If we briefly allow ourselves to be optimistic about 2021, let’s say Democrats control the House, the presidency, and the Senate. Even in the highly unlikely events of Democrats … Continue reading

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They Are Who We Said They Were

Say it ain’t so, Saint Ronnie! (boldface mine): The day after the United Nations voted to recognize the People’s Republic of China, then–California Governor Ronald Reagan phoned President Richard Nixon at the White House and vented his frustration at the … Continue reading

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Conservative Democrats, the Iron Law of Institutions, and Ersatz Unity

I’ve never been one for insisting Democrats be one happy family: there are ideological differences that translate into meaningful policy differences, and those differences affect people’s lives. So we should have primary fights, despite conservative Democratic calls for the left-ish … Continue reading

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But They’re Passing Good Legislation!: The Minimum Wage Edition

One of the Democratic establishment’s arguments against impeachment-related hearings is that House Democrats would be better off passing legislation–which will never get through the Senate or White House–that would let voters know what Democrats stand for and would enact were … Continue reading

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The Moral Degeneration Did Not Begin Three Years Ago

Umair Haque has a very good post about where we stand morally and ethically as a nation–as the kids used to say, read the whole thing. His point about normalization is excellent (boldface mine): The bad guys are winning, my … Continue reading

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Big Cannabis?

In this article about former House Speaker John Boehner’s lobbying for legalizing marijuana, this surprised me (boldface mine): The chain-smoking, merlot-sipping, former 12-term congressman from Ohio says he had never lit a joint in his life when he and the … Continue reading

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