Links 6/15/23

Links for you. Science:

SARS-CoV-2 airborne infection probability estimated by using indoor carbon dioxide
North African fox genomes show signatures of repeated introgression and adaptation to life in deserts
More evidence that long COVID is more common in people with HIV
A skin rash that almost vanished is back and, with it, clues to its origin
The Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines to Prevent Long COVID Symptoms: Staggered Cohort Analyses of Data from the UK, Spain, and Estonia


Why Trump hoarded classified documents: More than “trophies,” they are weapons
Arijit Chakravarty on ending of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: “A disaster … The virus hasn’t gotten that memo.”
Going Backwards
New Poll Reveals That Anti-Trans Rhetoric isn’t Just Affecting Republicans and White Evangelicals (related to the above, there are too many people who let themselves feel icky when they think about trans people; some of them are very prominent media figures)
I lost 40 pounds on Ozempic. But I’m left with even more questions. (very good)
US life expectancy problem is ‘bigger than we ever thought,’ report finds
Who is not implicated in the Trump indictment? Hillary Clinton.
Did Landlord Legislators Doom New York’s Housing Hopes? Democratic lawmakers who rent their homes are far more likely to back tenant protections and new housing supply than those who own, a New York Focus analysis found.
Jim Jordan’s tortured defense of Trump points to a coming GOP split
Discrimination isn’t just infuriating. It steals Black people’s time.
Aileen Cannon should not preside over the Trump trial
Republicans in Disarray: The temper tantrum on House floor votes masks a much more consequential lack of consensus on upcoming spending bills—which could give Democrats an opportunity.
Sanders vows to oppose NIH nominee until Biden produces drug-pricing plan
Arts Commissioners Are Concerned Mendelson is Undermining Past Reforms
First Wildfire Smoke, Now Possible Water Shortages?
What Was Nate Silver’s Data Revolution?

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