Links 6/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists ‘stunned’ by mysterious structures found in the Milky Way
Bat-Borne Sarbecoviruses Spilled Over in Southeast Asia Pre-Pandemic
Shifting microbial communities can enhance tree tolerance to changing climates
Video and Photos Show a Tiny, Critically Endangered Porpoise Still Hanging On
One of, if not the, most important and coolest research labs in the San Francisco Bay could be the victim of university austerity.


Forget ‘small-town values.’ We need candidates with big-city values. (excellent)
No Labels, the Scammy ‘Centrist’ Group, Has Plans to Run a Candidate If Trump Is the Nominee: They say they want a moderate, but Joe Manchin is not a moderate.
It Was A Good Few Years, In Some Ways
Wildfire smoke, COVID-19, and striking comparisons
Coastal biomedical labs are bleeding more horseshoe crabs with little accountability
Are Apple’s New Goggles a Nightmare? Maybe.
Noise could take years off your life.
Midlands teacher’s lesson on racism halted after complaints, citing state law
LGBTQ+ Adults Do Not Feel Safe and Do Not Think the Democratic Party Is Doing Enough to Protect Their Rights
The Anti-Woke Crowd Is Teaching American Kids to Be Saps and Suckers
Conservatives Aren’t Like Normal Americans, But The Media Won’t Admit That
Welcome to the “End Times”: Peter Turchin saw this coming — and says we can still prevent collapse. Peter Turchin predicted major instability in the 2020s. Unless we address inequality, he says, it will get worse
Starbucks Denies Union Allegations of a Ban on Pride Decorations
Republicans Have Made Their Choice

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