Links 1/8/23

Links for you. Science:

Hungry and on the march as the climate heats up: Termites in Australia
Errr… Scientists Accidentally Discover A Body Organ No One Knew About
Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 and its variants in wastewater of tertiary care hospitals correlates with increasing case burden and outbreaks
Article that critiqued high-profile abortion study retracted
COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash (can’t help but think this is a spurious correlation though)
Remote opportunities for scholars in Ukraine


Ex-Capitol police chief: FBI, DHS, Pentagon failed on Jan. 6
CDC Director Walensky Tweets ‘We Can’t Stop The Spread Of Covid-19,’ Here’s The Pushback
The country moved on from covid. This homeless shelter is stuck in it.
The ‘Red Wave’ Washout: How Skewed Polls Fed a False Election Narrative
How deadly will China’s covid surge get? Answers to that and more.
This year I’m thankful for US public libraries – beautiful icons of a better civic era (“If the public library did not already exist as a pillar of local civic engagement in American towns and cities, there’s no way we would be able to create it.”)
Child-care workers wait for checks that could take them off the brink
America’s culture warriors are going after librarians
New laws take effect in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.
Prokick Australia Changed Punting, And Football, By Doing What Comes Naturally
Pour one out for Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who’s lost the support of pro-Trump seditionists
George Santos is the GOP. Congressman-elect George Santos is a fictional character crafted from self-serving lies. He’s also the poster child for the sickness destroying the GOP.
New Year’s Resolution: Stop Saying America Is So ‘Divided’
Paramilitary Gangs
The hell with “compassionate conservatism”: In 2023, expect all MAGA sadism, all the time
Illinois’ Plan To Eliminate Cash Bail Remains Uncertain Following Judge’s Ruling
FTX’s Collapse Mirrors an Infamous 18th Century British Financial Scandal
Newly-Elected Georgia Rep Steps Down After Drug Arrest
The Great Big Medicare Rip-Off
Trump Called Supporters Storming Capitol ‘Trashy’ But Good ‘Fighters’: Jan. 6 Testimony
Making the Senate Work for Democrats
A Charity Tied to the Supreme Court Offers Donors Access to the Justices
Dress Rehearsal: Trump’s attempt almost two years ago to undermine the 2020 election reads today like a blueprint drawn for a future autocrat.
Those awesome photos you posted of yourself can now be manipulated to wreck your life

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