Links 12/22/12

Links for you. Science:

First Aid for Mental Health
Autism, empathy, and violence: One of these things doesn’t belong here
The Hagfish Goes High Fashion
Ash dieback disease could alter the landscape of England: About 11% of England’s forest cover is made up of ash, an iconic tree for Britons. But the killer fungus Chalara fraxinea has arrived, and there’s no cure.
The NRA’s war on gun science: In addition to fighting gun laws, the gun lobby has spent the past 20 years fighting research into gun safety


Sacrificing thousands of kids on the altar of racist rightwing fantasies (must-read)
The Geography of U.S. Gun Violence
Whistling Past the Gun Lobby
What would ‘meaningful action’ on gun control look like?
Merry Christmas, hold the Hanukkah? (not news for most Jews)
Shut down the pump: a little parable for our time
Here are your parasites and terrorists, m*therf*ckers
WOULD MITT ROMNEY HAVE BEEN THE BIGGEST BAIT-AND-SWITCHER? (yes. At this point, why would you trust the word of any conservative in good standing?)
Michigan Adopts the ALEC Model for Diminishing Democracy
Libertarian Automatic Weapons Safety
NRA: 10 ways it has weakened gun-control laws in the US (until you read this, you have no idea just how evil these guys are)

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