The State of COVID-19 in D.C.: It’s Increasing Again

And this doesn’t seem to be Omicron. Before we get to that, no wards are below the German rollback threshold of 50 new cases per 100,000 per week–which also is the moderate threshold the CDC uses (0.05% in the second column below; n/a is not available):

Ward one-week prevalence one-week % pos. two-week prevalence two-week % pos.
1 0.122% n/a 0.252% n/a
2 0.191% n/a 0.276% n/a
3 0.082% n/a 0.195% n/a
4 0.173% n/a 0.321% n/a
5 0.221% n/a 0.427% n/a
6 0.168% n/a 0.364% n/a
7 0.241% n/a 0.441% n/a
8 0.256% n/a 0.441% n/a
D.C. total 0.196% 2.7% 0.366% 2.7%

There was another Great Unknowning Event yesterday, so the one and two week estimates might be off. Taken at face value, Ward 2 skyrocketed upward, and most other wards increased, though Ward 3 declined. Ward 2, in the past, has been a bellweather for city-wide increases, but maybe this time, hopefully, that pattern doesn’t hold. Overall, the city saw a fifteen percent increase in cases. Tragically, we had six deaths in the last week–which is what happens when positives rise. DCPS student positives also shot up.

While we won’t know for certain for a few days, this surge doesn’t even seem to be Omicron-related, so we might have that to look forward to, but there is some good news:

The good news is we have a masking policy in place, and cheap, available at-home testing. HAH! WE MAKE THE FUNNY! We don’t have any of that, so you suckas are on your own!

Ok, so that’s not good. And could D.C. please require vaccination–at least two doses–for non-essential businesses and activities (by the way, the vaccine is a three dose course. As vaccine experts said it would be all along). Just stop fucking around already and govern.

Since Mayor Bowser and the gormless Council (horrible band name) have decided that it’s up to our own individual efforts to stop spread, keep wearing a mask in public places indoors, get fully vaccinated (3 doses!), and yell at our elected officials to impose more vaccine requirements for non-essential activities, as well as improve ventilation and do something about affordable testing.

Rage is the appropriate emotion.

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  1. Bern says:

    “Mayor Bowser and the gormless Council (horrible band name)”
    Alt: Name of a horrible band…which, come to think of it, is probly what you meant…

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