Links 12/14/21

Links for you. Science:

More infections in poorly ventilated classrooms
Intranasal priming induces local lung-resident B cell populations that secrete protective mucosal antiviral IgA
Reduced Incidence of Long-COVID Symptoms Related to Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines Both Before COVID-19 Diagnosis and Up to 12 Weeks After (based on ICD codes, so take with a large boulder of salt)
NCBI Taxonomy to include phylum rank in taxonomic names
SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England: Technical briefing 31 (Dec. 10)
Can an Athlete’s Blood Enhance Brainpower? Scientists who injected idle mice with blood from athletic mice found improvements in learning and memory. The findings could have implications for Alzheimer’s research and beyond.


Torrance cop scandal over racist texts mere tip of bigotry iceberg within nation’s law enforcement
The lobster trap
As Vaccines Trickle into Africa, Zambia’s Challenges Highlight Other Obstacles
The one-dose problem is real
A surprising reason preventing some students from finishing college: Lack of transportation
Oklahoma Guard Leader Tells Vaccine Refusers to Prepare for ‘Career Ending Federal Action’ (FAFO)
The A.D.U. Experiment. Accessory dwelling units, long popular on the West Coast, are coming to the Northeast. And Princeton, N.J., is the ‘guinea pig.’
Why the January 6 Investigation Is Weirdly Static
Manchin, You Won. Now Give Biden a Win, Too.
Slow-walking the coup PowerPoint
Just Get The Damn Shots
Putting the Public First: Improving Customer Experience and Service Delivery for the American People
Mark Meadows’s coverup of Trump’s coup attempt is falling apart
Why Our Fantasy of a Dark and Bloody Middle Ages Is So Hard to Shake
Yeshivas are mostly places where Orthodox men study the Torah. A D.C. rabbi wants to change that.
Actually Fight the Pandemic? That’s Bad Politics for a Republican.
Marcus Lamb died of covid-19 after his network discouraged vaccines. But some Christian leaders don’t want to talk about it.
The Democrats Fighting to Protect the Coastal Elite
Anthony Fauci hasn’t taken a day off in 20 months. Here’s how he stays so productive
Someone Is Lying About Why It Took So Long for the National Guard to Deploy on January 6
D.C. Residents Worry as Its Chinatown Risks Vanishing into the Past

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