Links 6/20/15

Links for you. Science:

Mining the microbial dark matter: Microbiologists are finding new ways to explore the vast universe of unknown microbes in the hunt for antibiotics.
Percentages of Faculty Salary Support at Academic Medical Centers (it’s lower than I thought)
Artificial Neural Networks Can Day Dream–Here’s What They See (or misclassify… Still cool though)
After 30 Years, Why Don’t We Have An HIV Vaccine?
Ancient American genome rekindles legal row: ‘Kennewick Man’ sequencing points to Native American ancestry.


Marco Rubio and the Murder of Democracy By Slogan (excellent)
‘Rat Cop’ Joe Crystal Shunned From Baltimore Police Department After Reporting Officer Brutality
In Turnabout, Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs
They Really Get In The Way Of The Cocaine Parties And Orgies
The War Nerd: A Glorious Victory, For Once!
Everything you need to know about Jeb Bush’s dangerous education agenda
Torturing the Truth: It Never Goes Away. This country can be America, or it can be a country that tortures. It cannot be both.
How to fix Philly’s long-running litter epidemic
America’s biggest economic dilemma: private affluence amid public squalor
Zookeepers are Recreating Chris Pratt’s Moves in JURASSIC WORLD
Israel Church Set Ablaze in Possible Jewish Extremist Attack
Why we must call Dylann Roof a terrorist
Martin O’Malley: Zero out fossil fuels by 2050
How Could They?
SmarTrip cards will never match these trolley tickets
Secret History: Uncovering the Story of White-Only Neighborhoods in D.C.
The Speech That Shocked Birmingham the Day After the Church Bombing

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