A Legal Horror

A racist murders black people with a gun allowed by a re-interpretation of a constitutional amendment–the Second Amendment–originally written to protect the ‘right‘ of slave owners to put down slave uprisings and hunt their escaped slaves.


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  1. Gingerbaker says:

    Because everyone knows that no individual person was allowed to own a gun back then. Complete gun control was the de facto default position, right? Constant discussions and controversy going on back then about whether people could own and use guns for their own protection. That’s why the wild Indians were so feared – they had the only weapons!

    Remember Davy Crockett, raising his musket to shoot that bawrr? – pure fiction. Gun permits were needed everywhere, and guns simply outlawed everywhere else, and the only way a person could even get close to a gun was if he was in a militia. And militias, you know, were ONLY used to hunt down slaves.

    It was only after the 2nd amendment was ratified that persons were allowed to have guns, and only after the NRA (run by Wayne LaPierre’s great-great-great grandfather) confused the issue so much that the 2nd amendment’s language of the right to own a gun belonged to “the people”, was then somehow applied to actual persons. Before that time, of course, “people” meant the State, or State militias, or State-sponsored slave hunting militias, or the Federal government or something.

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