Links 12/15/21

Links for you. Science:

“It Will Make Scientific Sense To Offer Booster after Three Months”
Climate-only scientific models may underestimate scope of biodiversity damage
SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 variant (Omicron) evades neutralization by sera from vaccinated and convalescent individuals
Polyclonal pathogen populations accelerate the evolution of antibiotic resistance in patients (Pseudomonas)
Comparative immunogenicity and effectiveness of mRNA-1273, BNT162b2 and Ad26.COV2.S COVID-19 vaccines (fig. 5 is really damning for the J&J vaccine, though some of that might be patient demographics)
Mammoth and Horse DNA Left in Freezer Rewrite Ice Age Extinctions


NBA Postpones Two Games After Chicago Bulls Literally Cannot Locate More Uninfected Players, Oh God
Denmark cuts COVID-19 booster shot interval to 4-1/2 months (wonder what this does for T-cell response though)
The Incoherence of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill
John Ioannidis and the Carl Sagan effect in science communication about COVID-19
Neil Gorsuch’s monument to bad faith
Documents link Huawei to China’s surveillance programs
Denying Affordable Insulin to Millions of Americans Isn’t ‘Politics.’ It’s Sadism.
Fox News hosts urged Meadows to have Trump stop Jan. 6 violence, texts show (they knew at the time it wasn’t the Dreaded Antifa)
The Mark Meadows Texts Show There Was Zero Dispute on January 6 About What Was Happening
An Arkansas waitress served a party that tipped $4,400. It led to her getting fired.
There Are Parts of Our Republic That Still Have Some Fight Left in Them
Israel’s staunch evangelical allies shocked by Trump’s outburst on Netanyahu (lulz. Rooting for injuries.)
New lawsuit against Proud Boys and Oath Keepers could bankrupt them and unveil their funders
The juicy Mark Meadows texts Liz Cheney just disclosed
A Real Housewife of New York Dined and Dashed at D.C.’s Sceniest Restaurant (‘dined and dashed’ used to be called ‘skipping out on the check’ which makes it–correctly–seem less glamorous)
The D.C. Region’s Vaccine Effort: One Year In
Your Pocketbook Is Ruled by This Agency, and It’s in the Middle of a Huge Fight (there are differences between the parties after all…)
Mark Meadows’ Personal Cell Is Becoming a Personal Hell
A federal court has ruled that obstructing the electoral vote count is illegal. Trump should panic.
Congress Passes Bill Allowing Capitol Police Chief To Directly Request National Guard Help
In Mount Pleasant, A Battle Over Balconies Threatens Longtime Residents Of A Historic Building (unlike Surfside, the building won’t collapse, but it’s the same condo problem)
CNN’s hiring of serial liar and Trump propagandist Alyssa Farah is a huge mistake

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  1. “..Isn’t ‘Politics.’ It’s Sadism.”

    Today these are the same thing; and arguably not only today, but going back as far as you like.

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