It’s Time for Republicans to “Reach Out” and Begin “Healing the Nation”

It’s their turn to “be the mom.”

Since the election was called for Biden, lots of Thought Leaders and Professional Politics Knowers have been calling for Democrats to “reach out to Republicans”, “heal the nation”, and other similar blather.

This is a con.

When Democrats lost in 2016, they were told they had to reach out to Republican voters–fair enough, Democrats did lose. But when they win, they’re also told… to reach out to Republican voters. Yet no one is saying Republicans, who lost both the electoral college and the popular vote, need to reach out to Democrats. That never happens.

It’s all the more ridiculous when you look at how many, if not most, major metro areas reacted Saturday after hearing that Biden had been declared the victor. When Democratic areas are rejoicing like we had just blown up the Death Star, that’s a sign that Republicans have a lot of work to do. If we weren’t in a pandemic, strangers would have been spontaneously hugging and high-fiving each other. If the reaction to your candidate losing is similar to that of a dictator being toppled, let’s just say you have some more reaching out to do.

And then there’s the healing. For the first two years of Trump’s term, Republicans controlled it all: Congress, the White House, and the courts. While they lost the House in the midterms, they were still running things for the most part. To the extent there is damage that needs healing, it is they who inflicted it.

This time around, Republicans should be the ones who moderate, and who manage the emotions–because ours are a little raw right now. So what do they give up? And, no, “well, we won’t be overtly bigoted or support assholes like Trump” doesn’t cut it. That doesn’t even get you in the door. So what do they do? Support a $15/hour minimum wage? Let Democrats appoint the next Supreme Court justice, or a bunch of federal court justices? What’s their give(s) here?

Our discourse, such as it is, needs to put the burden on Republicans–who were rejected nationally–to do the work. Anytime, a Democrat is asked about this, they should turn it around and ask, “How many Republicans have you asked this question? What should you expect Republicans to do?”

As I’ve been saying for a long time on this blog, it’s time the supposed party of personal responsibility actually take some.

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3 Responses to It’s Time for Republicans to “Reach Out” and Begin “Healing the Nation”

  1. ElHongo says:

    It’s time, frankly, for the GOP to die in a ditch.

    Their very existence is killing people by the 100.000 and represent a grave threat to public health.

    Their very existence normalizes sedition, Confederate atavism, inane legal doctrines like “unitary executive”, the paranoid style in American politics, and the dismantling of democratic norms.

    Their very existence perpetuate outdated anti-scientific notions, like Covid denial, AGW denial, “scientific racism”, masculinism, and Creationism/ID.

    Their very existence is fostering greed, grift, mismanagement and corruption in politics.

    Their very existence is presently the single most important organized threat to this planet’s long-term habitability for our species.

    Their very existence is having a pernicious and odious detrimental effect on politics in the USA and by extension the Western world at large.

    The benefit – both to US citizens as well as the human species – of them existing is thus resoundingly negative.

    They are a burden on humanity, and ought to be – using a new favorite term of their most notorious capo – “terminated”. With utmost prejudice. By all legal means. And ASAP.

    Registration for the Georgia Senate run-offs has started FWIW.
    If any readers know anyone there who is not with these deranged cultists, make sure they vote, and make as many trustworthy Georgians as they can round up, vote, too.

    Oh, and a way of screening to weed out the likes of Trump and his brood and cronies before they can run for public office (at least – if possible, by all accounts also ban them from corporate boards) must be devised ASAP, too; one that is more science-based than those mushy questionnaires psychology has come up with.
    But that is well possible. Google Scholar, using “ventromedial prefrontal cortex” or “VMPFC” and “sociopath” (or “psychopath” or “ASPD” or whatever term you prefer), will spit out a load of leads.
    If only Trump’s brain – or that of his children – can be made accessible to this research – preferrably live and in fMRI, but in a pinch fixed thin-sections will likely do -, the matter will probably become as clear as functional neurobiology can hope to be at the present state of knowledge on the human brain as an organ.
    Something fundamentally human is absent or atrophied in these people, and if it can be pinpointed, its presence or absence can be tested rigorously.
    The rest of the perp(s) can be composted. This will increase their value to humanity immensely, tbh.

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