Links 11/9/20

Links for you. Science:

Female hunters of the early Americas
Confronting the notion that face masks reduce COVID ‘dose’
Repeated cross-sectional sero-monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 in New York City (nowhere near ‘herd immunity’)
New Cause of COVID-19 Blood Clots Identified
Recently reported #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 ‘#mink mutation’ in #Denmark is getting a lot of attention right now (also see this)


How Indigenous voters swung the 2020 election. In Arizona and Wisconsin, Native turnout — which often leans liberal — made the difference in Biden’s slim but winning margin. (it’s shameful that Democrats aren’t talking about this more)
We Need to Talk About the Democrats. If a prospective Democratic administration is going to pull the country out of its general tailspin, it’s going to have to look a lot more FDR than Bill Clinton—or Barack Obama, for all that.
Six Takeaways From Election Night
Trump and His Pathetic Allies Are Yelling About Stealing the Pennsylvania Election or Getting a ‘Do-Over’. These people are enemies of democracy. If it’s necessary to retain power, they’ll get rid of it.
Trump’s supporters haven’t budged, despite everything. WTAF? Why is this election even close? Because Trump voters will walk off a cliff rather than admit they were wrong (another thing is the news bubble they’re trapped in)
Florida’s COVID Grim Reaper Isn’t Finished Yet
National Jewish Survey Results (pdf; Jews went 77-21 Biden)
The Republican Party Went Around the Bend Before Trump, and It Will Stay There After
The Other Eviction Moratorium: Storefront and Office Tenants are Hanging on. But for How Long?
Trump Tower Was an Entire Ecosystem of Criminal Sketchballs in the ’80s and ’90s
Trump attempts an electoral and political coup, and reaches out for judicial approval
Six Charts That Reveal America’s Deep Divides
Hit Cuban Restaurant El Sapo Repeatedly Broke Maryland’s Mask Order
OK, You’ve Just Won the Election. Now Fix Covid (fine policy, but will McConnell do it? Probably not…)
Someone is spray painting blue dots in front of houses of Biden supporters in California city
The Lincoln Project Didn’t Move 10 Votes in This Election. Never Trump conservatives are about as relevant to the actual election results this year as are the Whigs or the Free Soil Party.
There are folks running around on TV blaming progressivism for Dem underperformance. I was curious, so I decided to open the hood on struggling campaigns of candidates who are blaming progressives for their problems. Almost all had awful execution on digital. DURING A PANDEMIC.
Westport Room Restaurant (1938) Kansas City, MO (gorgeous)
Florida Popeyes employees walk off the job after told to remove BLM masks
For doctors who think Trump fumbled the pandemic, the tight election is seen as an insult

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