Links 12/7/20

Links for you. Science:

Public Health Workers In Kansas Walk Away Over Pressure From Pandemic Politics
Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy failed?
Do Not Fall Prey to Nature’s Trap Without Changing Your Behavior
The Rising Tide Underfoot. Changing sea levels are pushing groundwater into new and problematic places.
Peer Review: Implementing a “publish, then review” model of publishing


‘Nobody Sees Us’: Testing-Lab Workers Strain Under Demand: Laboratory technologists have been working nonstop to help the nation diagnose an ever-growing number of coronavirus cases. (“Doctors and nurses are very visible, but we work behind the scenes. And we are underwater.”)
They Will Kill Your Library, Too: Public services are piggy banks, and in times of crisis, they will be smashed and raided.
Most Republicans Say They Doubt the Election. How Many Really Mean It? Survey research tries to sort out the typical partisan reactions to a loss from an erosion of trust that may be more lasting. (having a political party composed of people who say things they know aren’t true isn’t exactly a party that’s going to reach out to others)
Apple is lobbying against a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China
Billionaires in Davos hate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 70% tax on the rich (Eric Schmit’s ignorance of U.S. history is fascinating and horrifying)
Two Dozen Subway Cars Struck in Overnight Weekend Graffiti Storm
Got game?
On Not Meeting Nazis Halfway. Why Is It So Hard for Democrats to Act Like They Actually Won?
Along Russia’s ‘Road of Bones,’ Relics of Suffering and Despair
Trump’s delusional supporters will rage and scream no matter what. Democrats should stop trying to make peace
Major Tensions Flare Over Education Secretary Before Joe Biden Even Picks One
The Baltimore Ravens’ Cautionary Covid Tale
The Escalating War Between The Republican Party and Democracy
Trump’s Operation Warp Speed promised a flood of covid vaccines. Instead, states are expecting a trickle.
The Visible Hand: How monopolies define everyday life in the United States.
Let’s Have a Universal Holiday Bonus
The Royal Jelly Problem of Modern Workplaces
Hero to Zero
Uighurs forced to eat pork as China expands Xinjiang pig farms
How close did we come to a second Trump term?
Your City’s Wealth Isn’t Where You Think

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