Links 11/10/20

Links for you. Science:

Assessing the Age Specificity of Infection Fatality Rates for COVID-19: Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Public Policy Implications (“These results indicate that COVID-19 is hazardous not only for the elderly but also for middle-aged adults, for whom the infection fatality rate is two orders of magnitude greater than the annualized risk of a fatal automobile accident and far more dangerous than seasonal influenza.”)
On Randomized Trials and Medicine. The thorny, messy topic of why we don’t have one for masks as source-control
COVID-19 Wastewater Epidemiology: A Model to Estimate Infected Populations
‘Australia’s biodiversity just got a lot richer’: Two new mammals discovered
COVID-19 Patient Zero: Data Analysis Identifies the “Mother” of All SARS-CoV-2 Genomes


Far-Right Creationists Are Setting Trump’s Virus Response
Athletes Are No Substitute for a Functioning Government. Patrick Mahomes and LeBron James have tried to help people vote this election season, but it’s not their job.
Joe Biden is taking charge of a broken country
A little-known Trump appointee is in charge of handing transition resources to Biden — and she isn’t budging
French media having to explain to readers who Gritty is as part of their election coverage wasn’t on my 2020 bingo card, but it’s definitely my fave moment of the cycle so far.
The comments Ocasio-Cortez is making about Democratic ground-game weakness are being dismissed. I have seen, up close, exactly what she is talking about.
“Defund the police” became a thing because the Democratic Party had NO MESSAGE on police brutality.
Trump never delivered for aggrieved white America, but Biden can
Biden’s DOJ Must Determine Whether Trump Should Be Prosecuted
Man featured at Giuliani press conference is a convicted sex offender
Yes, Our Long National Nightmare Is Finally Over
The High Cost of Locking Down D.C. for Election Week
Trump is attempting a coup in plain sight
D.C.’s 16th Street NW is finally getting its dedicated bus lane
This incredible Google experiment lets you time travel to your hometown 200 years ago
Down-Ballot Was Big Trouble for Democrats, But There Are Some Rainbows Out There
A hardball tactic for dealing with Mitch McConnell
Before the Dust Has Settled, Corporate Democrats Are Already Attacking AOC and the Left
Trump’s baseless claims damage American democracy. Democracy works only when losers recognize that they have lost.
Video of man performing traditional pueblo dance goes viral
I work at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in PA (lol, the accent)

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  1. The United States is broken partly because of policies enacted by Biden.

  2. Bern says:

    Well, it takes a village, but yeah.
    I just want a society wherein the people who lust to grip the levers of power are never allowed near the levers of power…

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