Trump Just Admitted that He Has Violated the Emoluments Clause

Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer, but the proposal to host the G-7 Summit at his club in Doral, FL, was an unforced error of the worst kind. Here was the original response, before Trump cancelled (boldface mine):

A day after President Trump awarded the huge Group of Seven summit to his own struggling Doral resort in Florida, the White House said Trump’s company would charge taxpayers only enough to cover the resort’s costs.

But neither the White House nor the Trump Organization answered more detailed questions about what that means. They did not provide specific dollar amounts or say whether dollar amounts have been agreed to.

Everything will be done at cost due to the emoluments clause,” White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham wrote in an email message, “which means the summit would be significantly cheaper for taxpayers and our foreign guests.”

Now Democrats need to ask if, when foreign dignitaries stay at other Trump properties, such as his D.C. hotel, if they are being charged “at cost” (given that he’s an inveterate liar, who knows what “at cost” really means?).

I’m starting to think they might not be “the best people.”

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