Links 10/21/19

Links for you. Science:

When Biking and Bears Don’t Mix
Why Everything Is Getting Louder: The tech industry is producing a rising din. Our bodies can’t adapt.
World’s largest bee, once presumed extinct, filmed alive in the wild
Three STDs reach all-time highs in the US, new CDC report says
Large numbers of pregnant women not getting key vaccines, CDC says


D.C. is awash in illegal guns. How do you think they get there?
D.C. Officials Using WhatsApp For City Business May Skirt Open Records Laws
Khashoggi’s Murder Should Have Made Saudi Arabia A Pariah. 7 Men Made Sure That Didn’t Happen.
Ronan Farrow Depicts a Chilling Cover-up at NBC
Hunter Biden is a reminder: Democrats are morally corrupt, too (stupid title, good point)
He drives 60 hours a week for Uber. He’s still homeless
Democrats promise a new Virginia if they win control of legislature. And that’s exactly what worries Republicans.
Activists Have Sued To Stop Developments, Citing The Comprehensive Plan. Now They Can’t
Massachusetts Unions Vote to Vet Presidential Candidates on Medicare for All, Breaking With Labor’s Top Brass
We fought ISIS side by side with the Americans. Now they’re leaving us to our fate.
The House Can Play Hardball, Too. It Can Arrest Giuliani.
Buspocalypse Nah: Commerce Doing Just Fine On 14th Street As Busway Hits Day 4
Ronan Farrow Strikes Again: A New Book Targets NBC News and How Harvey Weinstein May Have Leveraged Matt Lauer
Irish Butter Kerrygold Has Conquered America’s Kitchens
Dealing With China Isn’t Worth the Moral Cost: We thought economic growth and technology would liberate China. Instead, it corrupted us.
Warren’s “Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages” Plan Rises to Sanders’s Challenge
What Ed Meese’s Presidential Medal of Freedom Says About the G.O.P. and Impeachment
The Minnesota Congresswoman Who Can Criticize Israel
Chinese app on Xi’s ideology allows data access to 100 million users’ phones, report says
Tulsi Gabbard Wants A New Job. A Primary Challenger Wants Her Current One.

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1 Response to Links 10/21/19

  1. adameran says:

    Elizabeth Warren…in addition being ambiguous about whether Medicare for All is something she endorses…
    • Says we need to “stand up to Assad”
    • Supports the Venezuelan opposition
    • Voted for and supports sanctions on Iran
    • Voted to increase Trump’s military budget
    • Says we need to “hold Assange accountable”
    • Says supporting Israel is a “moral imperative”

    Maybe they should also ask about her foreign policy ideas along with Medicare for all. She seems to be another Obama.

    “Elizabeth Warren’s New Labor Plan Is Good. Bernie Sanders’ Is Better” (from Vice)

    “Certainly, there is much for workers to celebrate in both Warren’s platform and what it says about the state of the American labor movement…. But declaring Warren’s labor plan “the most ambitious” of the 2020 campaign is a step too far. For all her talk of ‘big, structural change,’ Warren’s platform focuses on workers’ legal rights as individuals, rather than their rights as a collective. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ own labor plan, which issues a more fundamental challenge to the very essence of the American workplace by tackling at-will employment. The overwhelming majority of American workers are employed ‘at will,’ which means that they can be fired for basically any reason, regardless of performance on the job…. Sanders’s Workplace Democracy Plan, which he released in August , calls for the passage of ‘just cause’ legislation, which would prohibit employers from firing workers for anything other than their performance on the job. Warren’s plan leaves this fundamental imbalance untouched.”

    Seriously, I don’t understand your Warren endorsement. Basically, she wants to have good policies, but power trumps policy every time. Bernie is after power…and has even better policies, by and large (although even his M4A isn’t as good as Jayapal’s)

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