Links 3/30/12

Links for you. Science:

Mooney now agrees with us – Denialists deserve ridicule, not debate (absolute must-read for all)
The Problems With Calling Comments “Post-Publication Peer-Review”
James Cameron’s Deep Sea Challenge: a scientific milestone or rich guy’s junket?
New model helps explain “hidden heritability”
The surprisingly toxic world of lichens


Are We Doomed to Wage Wars Over Water?
Atheists at prayer (I think this will get a lot of knee-jerk reaction, but the point about reaction-to-fundamentalism is very important)
Culture war is about culture
Make way for ducklings
Nobody goes there, it’s too crowded
Zoning laws and property rights
A Smartphone Future? But Not Yet (I like being able to take pictures with my iPhone, and in emergency situations, being able to communicate is good. But I also have to work very hard to resist the temptation to push buttons out of reflex. I sympathize since I had a crappy phone for eight years that did very little)
When the rug is pulled
It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid
My Take: Where’s white church outrage over Trayvon Martin?
Carefully Scripted Lives – The Real Reality of the Duggar Family “Blessings”
On the Meaningless of Contracts and the New Optionality

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  1. Thanks for another linking, Mike! Always appreciated. I hope the reactions aren’t knee-jerk. I’m still looking for people to help me get it. I just don’t see the point of the Reason Rally. Not that there needs to have been one. A meeting of friends with a good time being had by all is reason enough.

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