Links 10/20/19

Links for you. Science:

Computer Science Now Counts as Math Credit in Most States – Is This a Good Idea?
MIT Confirms a Bridge Leonardo da Vinci Designed 500 Years Ago Was an Ancient Engineering Marvel
The Navy’s Patent for a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Wild
Electric cars could be just another ecological disaster
These State Birds May Be Forced Out of Their States as the World Warms


The biggest lie tech people tell themselves — and the rest of us: They see facial recognition, smart diapers, and surveillance devices as inevitable evolutions. They’re not. (excellent)
Florida is scooping up huge amounts of data on schoolchildren, including security camera footage and discipline records, and researchers are worried
The obscure law that explains why Google backs climate deniers
Ellen DeGeneres’s defense of her friendship with George W. Bush was all about her
This Top Gifted and Talented School Is Integrated. Is It the Future? (this story goes through great pains to ignore that Asian students are massively overrepresented, even relative to white students, which would be a far more difficult frame through to view this story.)
Luckily, Trump Is an Unstable Non-Genius (President Tom Cotton won’t be, and he’ll be reluctantly, with a hangdog expression on his face, murdering people in basements)
President Trump is at war with the rule of law. This won’t end well
The Twilight of the Tech Idols
Joe Biden’s Family Has Been Cashing in on His Career for Decades. Democrats Need to Acknowledge That.
Bret Stephens Backs Out of Bedbug Debate
Mississippi Is About To Have An Election Under Jim Crow
Want to Stop Russia From Messing With Our Democracy? Rethink U.S. Counterintelligence.
Why the Bus Got So Bad, and How to Save It
Still little evidence that Warren is taking voters from Sanders
Why the upper-middle class would benefit from socialism
Trump’s Minneapolis Rally Was a Demonstration of the Moral Suicide Pact He’s Made With His Supporters
Do the far-right Oath Keepers have an official role with the Trump-Pence campaign?
The NBA–Hong Kong Controversy Suggests History Isn’t Ending How We’d Planned
Beyond the Sacklers: Free-trade policies contributed to the opioid epidemic

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  1. Bob Michaelson says:

    The Navy’s patent for a “compact nuclear fusion reactor” isn’t just wild – it, and the guy who developed it, are wacko. And this isn’t the guy’s first venture into cuckoo-land

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