Trump Backs Down on Holding the G-7 Summit at His Club

Well, that serves me right for blogging about fast-moving current events. I had a post all ready to go about Il Trumpe’s horrible decision to host the G-7 Summit at his club in Doral, Florida, and then he goes and backs down from that decision. I guess there was enough pressure such that even he couldn’t ignore the consequences of his own actions. It’s pretty clear Republicans really didn’t want to vote on whether federal funds could be used to support this. While Trump might not have limits, some Republicans still appear to have some self-preservation instincts.

Thankfully, we now can return to the spectacle of watching former Clinton supporters and current Gabbard supporters gnaw on each other.

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1 Response to Trump Backs Down on Holding the G-7 Summit at His Club

  1. Bern says:

    Huh. I assumed that the trashy golf resort loans were coming due, and he has no intent to pay them, so it’ll be foreclosed before the summit anyway, at which time why would he care?

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