If Kavanaugh Had Happened to Republicans

I know after two plus years of Il Trumpe, the device of “If Democrats did X…” is trite, but I’ll use it anyway. If the weekend revelations substantiating Kavanaugh’s shoving his penis into a female student’s hand were about a Democratic nominee, who, let’s say, also had some explaining to do about credit debt, impeaching Kavanaugh would be a rallying cry for the next quarter century. Candidates, including those running for dog catcher, would have to make it clear where they stood on Kavanaugh’s perjury–and regardless of the veracity of the latest allegations, he did commit perjury.

Fortunately for Kavanaugh (for many of us, not so fortuate), the opposition party he faces is the Democratic Party, the most gormless and hapless opposition in recorded history. So, after a few sternly worded pieties followed by Democratic moderates getting upset about how this is distracting people from their important work of protecting TurboTax, nothing will happen, and, in a few years, he will be respectable.

We need fiercer Democrats who are willing to wield power.

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